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  1. Cutrin Vieno Sensitive Conditioner


    Your Price £10.95 RRP £18.25
  2. T-Lab Blond Ambition Conditioner


    Your Price £45.50 RRP £60.75
  3. T-Lab Aura Oil Conditioner


    Your Price £45.50 RRP £60.75
  4. T-Lab Colour Protect Conditioner


    Your Price £45.50 RRP £60.75
  5. T-Lab Sapphire Energy Conditioner


    Your Price £45.50 RRP £60.75
  6. T-Lab Curl Passion Conditioner


    Your Price £45.50 RRP £60.75
  7. T-Lab Royal Detox Conditioner


    Your Price £45.50 RRP £60.75
  8. Alterna Caviar Moisture Priming Leave-In Conditioner


    Your Price £32.25 RRP £48.50
  9. T-Lab Volume Filler Hair Filler


    Your Price £19.95 RRP £26.75
  10. Alterna Caviar Infinite Color Hold Conditioner


    Your Price £31.50 RRP £39.95
  11. T-Lab Volume Filler Conditioner Spray


    Your Price £19.95 RRP £26.75
  12. T-Lab Blond Ambition Conditioner


    Your Price £19.95 RRP £26.75
  13. T-Lab Sapphire Energy Conditioner


    Your Price £19.95 RRP £26.75
  14. T-Lab Curl Passion Conditioner


    Your Price £19.95 RRP £26.75
  15. T-Lab Royal Detox Conditioner


    Your Price £19.95 RRP £26.75
  16. T-Lab Aura Oil Conditioner


    Your Price £19.95 RRP £26.75
  17. T-Lab Colour Protect Conditioner


    Your Price £19.95 RRP £26.75
  18. Nioxin 2 Hair System Kit XXL


    Your Price £36.50 RRP £44.95
  19. Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner


    Your Price £33.95 RRP £42.50
  20. Sebastian Preset Texture Building Conditioner


    Your Price £4.75 RRP £5.95
  21. Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Lightweight Conditioner


    Your Price £66.75 RRP £88.75
  22. Aveda Shampure Conditioner


    Your Price £59.50 RRP £69.95
  23. BC Bonacure Color Freeze Micellar Cleansing Conditioner


    Your Price £15.75 RRP £22.95
  24. Redken Color Extend Brownlights Blue Toning Conditioner


    Your Price £15.75 RRP £21.95
  25. Kerastase Genesis Fondant Renforcateur Conditioner


    Your Price £22.95 RRP £33.50
  26. Redken Headstrong Conditioner (U)


    Your Price £8.50 RRP £9.75
  27. Macadamia Ultra Rich Repair Conditioner


    Your Price £12.25 RRP £21.75
  28. Philip B Weightless Volumizing Conditioner
    Your Price £16.50 RRP £18.25
  29. Philip B Forever Shine Conditioner


    Your Price £32.25 RRP £36.50
  30. Sachajuan Scalp Conditioner


    Your Price £12.25 RRP £18.25
  31. BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Hyaluronic Cleansing Conditioner


    Your Price £15.75 RRP £24.25
  32. Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner (U)


    Your Price £59.50 RRP £83.75
  33. Aveda Be Curly Co-Wash


    Your Price £24.25 RRP £29.50

1664 Items

per page

Blond and bright hair

If you have blonde or hair that has been shine, you will surely want to keep your beautiful golden color and avoid the color changing and becoming cute.Conditioners for this hair type enter and help extend the life of the color and make the hair vibrant, leaving it glossy.
If there are any brands, Pureology , Redken and Matrix offer a range of conditioners for blond and shiny hair. An example is from Redken is their Blonde Glam Conditioner , <span"> </span"> who wears blond and shaved hair without tipping it.Conditioner strengthens and refresh your blonde hair and give it a clear, glossy finish.

Colored and treated hair

If you have colored your hair or have been treated it is important to use the correct conditioner that can help preserve the color and protect your hair at the same time.These include Color Express Treatment from Hair Doctor , which contains sunflower oil, wheat proteins and orchid extract that help keep your hair soft and healthy. With its UV shield, it also helps to shine your hair against the sun's bleaching rays so your color lasts longer.
Another conditioner is Aussie 's Color Mate Conditioner , which will revitalize your hair and care for the color. The conditioner is made of a formula that contains extract of wild peach and Aloe Vera that work together to care for both hair and color. And as a bonus, it also smells amazing.

Nice and thin hair

If your hair is fine and thin, you want to strengthen your hair and gain more volume.Here you can find the right conditioner. Maria Nila Palette Pure Volume Conditioner r is an example of a conditioner containing vitamin B5, which will give your hair an irresistible volume and excitement that will last all day.  
TIGI also has a volume conditioner, Tigi Styleshots Epic Volume Conditioner , that can help you cheat gravity and add your hair an extra shot volume from root to tip.

Dry scalp

If you are dying with a dry scalp, you will be looking for a gentle and gentle conditioner that will restore your scalp balance.It should also be mentioned that dandruff is not necessarily dry scalp and should not be treated with the same products. A light and moisturizing conditioner is Bio + Blanance Care Dryness Releif 2 Conditioner , which can help restore the natural balance of fats in your scalp.

Irritated scalp

Sometimes there is nothing more frustrating than an irritated scalp, either itching or swearing, or both. Fortunately, there are a number of products that can help relieve your irritated scalp. An example might be the Lavender Mint Moistrurizing Conditioner from Paul Mitchell , which soothes the irritations with natural extracts of soothing lavender, mint and the popular Tea Tree oil from Australia.Less is More also has a conditioner that can help you with greasy, oiled or dry scalp that can alleviate irritation. Less is More Take Scalp Relieve Conditioner contains 100% organic / organic ingredients and makes the hair soft, smooth, and adds a natural glass.

Frizzy and thick hair

If your hair is thick, frizzy and completely unruly, you're probably missing a conditioner that smoots your hair and makes your thick hair beautiful and glossy.
Wella SP Smooth Conditioner has a smooth effect on the hair while leaving your hair smooth and silky smooth. The conditioner also contains avocado oil, which gives your hair good vitamins, as well as proteins that appear rebuilding. Another product that is mentioned is LOVE Lovely Smoothing Conditioner from Davines , which nourishes and moisturizes your hair, giving it outstanding smoothness. The conditioner is especially good if you have hair with a tendency to wrinkled hair as it will give you full control over your unruly lures. Matrix also offers a solution for hair that works impermeable, namely their Biolage Smoothproof Conditioner , which will make your hair more readily and easier to read.

Curly Hair

Most people with curly hair will do everything possible to maintain the shape and agility of their curls. Here are also a number of products with the purpose of maintaining your curls' excellence and avoiding the crushing.
For example, Paul Mitchell has developed a conditioner specially for curly hair. Curls Spring Loaded Frizz-Fighting Conditioner is a hot and creamy conditioner that adds moisture to your hair and gives a definition to your curls. You want to avoid wrinkled hair and make it more clear and easier to read through. Matrix Total Results Curl Please Conditioner is another example that also counteracts mugs and at the same time nourishes the curls so they are nurtured and do not want to filter together. The conditioner is created on Anti-Frizz Nutri Curl Tekonology, which helps to rebuild the natural moisture of your hair and smooths unwanted mugs. It also contains JoJoba oil and wheat protein that strengthens your hair and is ultra nutritious to your curls. 

Hair with dandruff

If you are one of the unfortunate people who is fighting with dandruff, then help is close. Before choosing your new conditioner against dandruff, be aware that there are two different dandruff types; greasy dandruff and dry dandruff. Dry dandruff is the more familiar type, and is known for the white flakes that often sprinkle from the scalp and into the hair. The other type of dandruff is the greasy and known of its yellowish flakes that adhere to the hair and scalp. They often cause a gray scab in the scalp, and unfortunately it takes a while to get rid of it.
  Neccin Conditioner Dandruff Protector 3 is a super moisturizing conditioner that is mild to the scalp and helps keep it in balance. It is very gentle against both your scalp and your hair. It contains Keravis, a protein that makes the hair silky and glossy. Another product that can help reduce the appearance of dandruff is Dandruff Control Concentrate Treatment from Intragen , which has an applicator that makes it easy to distribute the product to the exposed areas, thus optimizing your treatment. It should be mentioned that this is not a conditioner, but a treatment and should not be flushed out.
   Mane 'n Tail also has their offer of a conditioner against dandruff, namely their Anti-Dandruff Conditioner . It softens your hair and is incredibly gentle towards your scalp. It also acts as a preventive to dandruff and provides good moisture to the hair. Because the conditioner is based on a mild pH-balanced formula, it is incredibly gentle. The conditioner also contains nourishing olive oil that adds extra strength to the hair, and Pyrithionzink helps to relieve the scalp and fight dandruff, itching and irritation.

Dry and flossed hair

If you're sad, your hair is dry and flossed, so you need a conditioner that can give your hair the extra moisture and care that it deserves. One of the products you can use is Glynt 01 Hydro Vitamin Lotion , which is a nutritious vitamin-rich conditioner that can give your hair a little hard-wearing love and care. It contains peach and acacia extract that is especially good for dry hair. Bumble and Bumble also offers a conditioner, their Mending Conditioner , which has a deliciously creamy consistency that will quickly get your hair back on track.

Damaged and worn hair

If you have damaged and / or worn hair, you will need a conditioner that can provide extra care, protection and leave your hair clean and filled with nutrition.
White Truffle Nourish Conditioner from Philip B is a super active cream that is cooked with 23.3% pure natural and moisturizing natural preparations such as lavender, camomile, hops, nest and melissa combined with the superbly reinforcing Phillip B complex consisting of panthenol (vitamin B5 ) and the effective amino acids from phytantriol, oats and soya. In addition, it also contains the moisturizing and antioxidant vitamin E.
Schwarzkopf also has a conditioner that can give your hair a new life, because with their BC Bonacure Repair Conditioner you can revive your damaged hair with new strength and amazing elasticity. Your hair will be more glossy and extra strong. 

Lack of shine

If you feel your hair lacks a little extra shine and life, try one of these suggestions.
L'Oréal Mythic Oil Sparkling Conditioner is a gel conditioner that will care and strengthen each hairline and add maximum shine to your hair, no matter how sad and lifeless it may be. SP Shine Define Leave-In Conditioner from Wella can also be used to add extra shine to your hair, and can easily be combined with other products from the same Shine range for ultimate care and shine.

Lack of volume

If you feel that your hair is a little flat and boring, it may not be enough volume and fullness.
Here we can present Thick In Conditioner from Sebastian , which is a weightless and moisturizing conditioner that instantly filters and softens your hair. It is soya and wheat proteins in the conditioner that adds the hair volume, elasticity and agility, but without leaving a heavy feeling.
If you are looking for a more luxurious solution, then Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Conditioner might be for you. It will add extra filling to your hair, thanks to its Oat Protein Complex. While protecting the hair, it will also help your hair to maintain its moisture and thereby not dry out. Your hair will both feel and appear fuller. 

Mature and / or gray hair

If you belong to the group of mature or gray hair, you are looking for a conditioner that can strengthen your hair and almost give it its youthful glow again.
Time Reset Conditioner from Redken can help you on the front as it strengthens and nourishes your hair and makes it more noticeable and glossy.
Label.m Age-Defying Conditioner is another example of a conditioner that can help give your hair a new life. It is through the added white caviar, which nourishes the hair intensively while it seems smoothing and rebuilding. Your hair will be healthy and glossy again.

Organic and paraben free

If you are one of those who choose products based on the natural and organic ingredient list, then there are also a number of conditioners that can make you happy.
John Masters Organics is a brand that goes up in the miliew, and therefore their Citrus & Neroli Detangle contains a lot of delicious ingredients such as grapefruit, neroli, soy protein, coconut oil and wheat amino acids. They help to refresh and soothe your scalp, strengthen hair-raising, add moisture and shine.

Sun Care

We all love the sun and a walk on the beach. But unfortunately, it's not all hair that loves the sun's sharp UV rays and the saltwater of the beach. Therefore, it is important that you use a conditioner that can protect your hair from the sun and give it a new life.
Here you can use the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Sun Protect Spray Conditioner r , which is like a sunscreen for your hair. It helps to rebuild the moisture balance of hair that has been exposed to the sun's impact and smooths the hair's overflow. It will also help to erase your hair if you have tedor to the filter hair.

Normal hair

If you are one of the types that fall under the category "Normal Hair", which has no shortcomings or disadvantages, you can freely choose on all shelves. Here are some suggestions that can help keep your hair healthy, well-groomed and soft.
Trevor Sorbie has a conditioner suitable for all hair types, but especially for you with sensitive scalp. Salon X-Clusive Caring Conditioner mildly cleans the hair and moisturizes its ingredients that make it soothing and leaves your hair healthy and brilliant. It contains no parabens or perfumes. Intregrity Nourishing Conditioner from Milk_Shake is another offer of a moisturizing conditioner. It contains the incredibly nutritious Muru Muru butter, which is moisturizing and eliminates coke. It will leave your hair glossy and soft. Cajeput Pure Balance Conditioner from Less is More is another moisturizing conditioner that is created on a bio-active care complex that smoothes the surface of the hair and locks the moisture into the hair. Your hair will be hydrated and get a fantastic shine using this conditioner that contains 100% organic ingredients and is free from sulphates.

Leave-in Conditioner

Normally, a conditioner should rinse out after 2-3 minutes in the hair, but if you are having a bit of trouble in the morning, there are also conditioners that can easily sit in your hair and do not need to rinse out. The products are available either in cream or spray.
Lovin 'Leavin-In Conditioning Creme from Philip B will revitalize your hair from root to tip and you will experience a great feeling all day long. With the restoring soy and wheat proteins and together with the enhancing amino acids, your hair will add energy every day you use the cream. The conditioner also contains the lovely plant Henna, which gives your hair a nice soft feeling and nice shine. Chamomile, nel and aloe help to provide extra moisture and protection to the hair.
Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spray from Tigis S-Factor Series, is a moisturizing lightweight spray that is especially good for you with broken and dry hair. With its content of soy protein and keratin fibroids, it helps to repair and strengthen damaged hair while its vitamin A and E content works to protect the hair from damage to the environment and styling equipment.

For men

Not only women who like to spoil their hair, so there are also a number of conditioners for men. There is something for you with, for example, tender scalp, gray hair or dandruff. There is of course something for the man who just wants to care for his hair with a little extra moisture and nutrition.
Daily Cream from the American Crew will add your hair moisture and leave it easily and softly. It contains rosemary and menthol that will make your hair feel refreshed and clean from root to tip. Your hair will get nutrition and moisture without being burdened.
Bed Head for Men Clean Up Peppermint Conditioner from Tigi is a nurturing and stimulating conditioner that will strengthen your hair and is specially developed for men. It has a nice and cool effect on your scalp. Due to its content of ginsengrod extract, protein and natural peppermint, you will experience a healthier scalp and healthier hair using this conditioner.
D: fi Daily Conditioner is a conditioner suitable for daily use and adds extra moisture to the hair and adds extra shine.

For children

It's not all children who want to get washed hair, so it's best to go as a play when your baby is going to swim. Therefore, there have been a number of conditioners for children who are mild and gentle to the eyes and scalp, making it easy to rediscover the child's hair through afterwards.
Original Sprout has developed hair care products especially for children. Luscious Island Conditioner is an organic conditioner that can be easily used by the whole family. It will make your hair and your child's hair silky and easy to save. It does not contain parabens and is 100% vegan. One of the brand's other conditioners is their Deep Conditioner which is a safe and natural choice for your child. It contains natural and organic ingredients such as rosemary, sage, basil and chamomile flower that can help keep lice and insects away. The conditioner will help to tamp and smooth dry hair and counteract the moisture in the hair. And then the conditioner smells like a little bonus. Paul Mitchell is also ready with some help in the form of their Taming Spray from their Kids series . It's a leave-in conditioner that does not need to be flushed out, making the child's hair easier to save, making it a joke to make your child ready in the morning. 

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