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Hair Treatment

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  1. Cutrin Vieno Sensitive Deep Soothing Care


    Your Price £10.95 RRP £18.25
  2. T-Lab Volume Filler Hair Filler


    Your Price £19.95 RRP £26.75
  3. T-Lab Kera Shot Active Spray


    Your Price £22.75 RRP £30.25
  4. T-Lab Colour Protect Bi-Phase Spray


    Your Price £27.25 RRP £36.50
  5. T-Lab Sapphire Energy Bi-Phase Spray


    Your Price £27.25 RRP £36.50
  6. Alterna Caviar Smoothing Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter


    Your Price £33.95 RRP £48.50
  7. Wella SP Balance Scalp Energy Serum


    Your Price £20.75 RRP £36.50
  8. Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Lightweight Care Treatment


    Your Price £84.95 RRP £128.95
  9. Trontveit Pure Repairing Attitude Mask
    Your Price £27.95 RRP £30.25
  10. Kerastase Genesis Masque Reconstituant


    Your Price £29.25 RRP £41.95
  11. Gold New Luxury Hair Masque


    Your Price £18.25 RRP £24.25
  12. NAK Platinum Blonde Anti-Yellow Treatment Vegan


    Your Price £15.75 RRP £24.25
  13. NAK Ultimate Treatment 60 Second Repair


    Your Price £15.75 RRP £24.25
  14. Kerastase Soleil Revitalizing Masque


    Your Price £29.25 RRP £37.75
  15. Kerastase Soleil Multi-Protection Beautifying Cream


    Your Price £17.75 RRP £26.25
  16. Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Treatment


    Your Price £46.25 RRP £53.50
  17. Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair
    Your Price £35.25 RRP £38.95
  18. Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque


    Your Price £24.25 RRP £27.95
  19. Aveda Dry Remedy Penetrating Moisture


    Your Price £42.50 RRP £60.75
  20. Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil


    Your Price £24.25 RRP £29.25
  21. Aveda Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution


    Your Price £26.75 RRP £37.95
  22. Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect


    Your Price £29.25 RRP £36.50
  23. Aveda Damage Remedy Penetrating Protein


    Your Price £60.75 RRP £91.25
  24. Aveda Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer


    Your Price £69.25 RRP £89.95
  25. Aveda Invati Scalp Revitalizer


    Your Price £72.75 RRP £89.95

1128 Items

per page

Blond and bright hair

If you have blonde or hair that has been shine, you will surely want to keep your beautiful golden color and avoid the color change or turn yellow. 
Palette Sheer Silver Masque from Maria Nila is a beautiful hairy special for you with blond hair. The cure contains violet pigments and blackberry extremes that help give your hair a beautiful cool cut and counteract the cute shades. At the same time, it will add extra shine to the hair, and strengthen each hairline, giving hair a nice texture. In addition, the cure will give your hair extra moisture and care and will leave it silky. The hair cure is created on the Color Guard Complex, which protects your hair color and will reduce color loss as much as possible. In addition, it protects the hair from UV radiation from the sun and other free radicals. It contains no parabens or sulphates.
Dumb Blonde Reconstructor from TIGI is a hairy cream that gives your hair a lot of soy protein and vitamin B5 to your hair and will rebuild it from the inside. If your hair is chemically treated, this cure can give your hair the extra care and repair it needs.
That's It Blonde Parade from Alfaparf is a nutritious hairy hair that is perfect for you with blond hair. It can be used whether you have a warm or cold tone in your hair. The cure contains particles that make your hair radiate with a fantastic glow. It is enriched with ceramides that both seem to strengthen and nourish your hair fibers, which will give your hair a smooth and smooth surface.

Colored and treated hair

If you have colored your hair or have been treated it is important to use the right hair treatment that can help preserve the color, provide extra care and protect your hair at the same time. 
An intense mask for dyed hair is the Color Intense Mask from Hair Doctor , which goes into depth with the care of your hair. The cure contains mango oil, orchid extract and wheat proteins that will give your hair vitality and make it radiate with health. The mild formula in the cure will also protect the hair from the sun's UV rays.
Color Protect Reconstructive Treatment by Paul Mitchell is a hairpin that will fight your fading hair color. The hair cure contains sunflower extract that helps keep the color on for longer. The cure is full of power that helps prevent broken hair and split tips while protecting your hair and color against the sun's rays. 

Nice and thin hair

If your hair is fine and thin, you want to strengthen your hair and gain more volume. Here, the very hard hair can help you make your hair renewable.
Densifique Masque Densité from Kérastase is a rebuilding hair mask that gives your hair ultimate care while at the same time nourishing and softening the hair. You will be able to see a clear difference after use and your hair will have a whole new vitality.
Nature Cacao Mask from L'Oréal is another good hair treatment that is specially developed for fine Scandinavian hair. The cure wipes the hair in depth, but does not thin the hair. The hair has a nice ease and natural fullness. 

Curly Hair

Most people with curly hair would like to do the best for their curls and maintain the shape and agility of curls. Fortunately, there are a number of hair cures for the purpose of maintaining your curls tightness and preventing it from getting wrinkled.
Curl Passion Mask from Milk_Shake is an effective mask especially for curly hair. The mask helps to add intense moisture and care to your hair while preventing mugs. The active ingredients in the mask promote curls durability, so your beautiful curls will last all day. Your hair will become elastic and glossy with this hairy hair.

Dry and flossed hair

If you're sad, your hair is dry and flossy, so you're comfortable and lacking a moisturizing and nourishing hair.
The Berber Oil Mask from Osmo is a hot hard treatment that provides intensive care and will rebuild your hair so it will have a beautiful and glossy appearance. The hair cure can be used by all hair types, but is especially suitable for dry or damaged hair, as it contains Argan oil, avocado oil and olive oil that help to repair and care the hair.
Schwarzkopf has their BC Bonacure Repair Sealed Ends which is a hairpin that will repair the tips of damaged hair, and will prevent split tips. The cure will give fine, smooth tips full of excitement and shine.  

Hair with split tips

Do you have hair with broken tips and want to get rid of them? Then you can get help from one of these hair cures.
For example, SP Prof. Specialist Ends Express from Wella help seal sealed tips and protect against new cleavage for regular use. The hair cure will nourish the hair and provide shine and agility. With the help of Repair Substances, your split tips will be re-assembled and protection plots will protect your hair. Avocadoolie and silicone derivatives are used to your hair lengths.
Ego Boost from TIGI is one is a split end meaning whose sole task is to solely collect your split and dry tips so that they not only look well-groomed but actually become healthy. The hair is sealed with keratin and glycerin. 

Mature and / or gray hair

If you are a part of the population with mature or gray hair, you probably want a hairpin that can strengthen your hair and help keep the hair's beautiful color.
Age Renew Revitalizing Mask from No Inhibition is an incredibly nutritious hairpin that will give your hair a smooth surface and an improved structure. The hair cure contains active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and rooibos, which work together to add nourishment and extra strength to your hair. It has a rejuvenating effect on the hair, giving it extra fill and plenty of life.
If you have natural blonde or gray hair, or just colored it, That's It Forever Gray from Alfaparf is a good choice of hairy. It highlights a cool gray tone in the hair and will leave your hair with a beautiful shine and lots of reflections.
The cure contains particles that make your hair shine with amazing glow. It is enriched with ceramides, which both seem to strengthen and nourish your hair, giving a smooth and smooth surface.

Mug and thick hair

Is your hair thick, wrinkled and completely unruly, you need a hairy hair that can smooth your hair, give shine and make it easy to get rid of hair laundering.
3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy Deep Treatment from Aussie is a hair dryer that is perfect for you with thick hair that tends to crumble. The cure works tightly on frizz and mug, and will add your hair fantastic shine. Because of its content of Aloe Vera extract and Jojobafrø it will tame your hair and give you control back.
Asia Zen Control Mask from Orofludio is another example of an intense hair cure, which seems extremely softening. The hair cure eliminates wrinkle hair and frizz, and contains wheat amino acids and creatine protein that both protect and restore your broken and dry hair.

Normal hair

If you have what will be called "normal hair" and do not experience any special problems with that, then you will still want to care for your hair and give it a shine.
Instant Moisture Treatment by Paul Mitchell is a hairpin that can shine and soften your hair. It can be used daily and helps seal sealed tips and can absorb UV-B rays.
The Perfect Blend Masque from Alterna is an exclusive hairpin, which acts as a close relative, and will make sure your lids get the perfect care. The cure works renewably on worn hair and tips. It contains, among other things, African cocoa extract, hyaluronic acid, caviar age-control complex and champagne grape seed oil, which work together and will leave your hair with a lot of life and shine.

Damaged and worn hair

If you have damaged and / or worn hair, the right hair can help you provide extra care, protection and leave your hair clean and filled with nutrition.
Ultimate Remedy Treatment by Shu Uemura is a hair mask that is especially for you with extremely damaged hair and wants to restore your original life and health. With its unique and innovative formula, the hair cure can repair your damaged hair and restore the strength of your hair. The cure will breathe in sad lures and your hair will appear healthy and alive.
Biolage Repairinside Mask from Matrix is another example of a hairy to damaged and worn hair. This hairy cream contains arginine and soy which has some beautiful repair and reconstruction properties that will make your hair more smooth and give it a lot of shine.
Penetrait Masque from Sebastian is a rebuilding and strengthening hair curtain, with an effect that holds up to 7 scrubs. The cure is designed to repair and strengthen hair that has been destroyed by chemistry, chlorine water, saline, sun or heat from various styling articles. The hair cure is rich in proteins that will penetrate your hair and strengthen the exposed areas. Your hair will be soft and nourished after treatment. 

Missing Volume

If you feel that your hair is a little flat and boring, it may not be enough. With the perfectly straight hair, you can achieve the rich hairpower you dream about.
Volume Energy Mask from Glynt is a weightless and strengthening hard-cream, added Ginkgo Biloba extract and panthenol. The hair cure will add 30% more volume to your hair, giving each hairline a shine and fullness without tipping it.
Volumizing Treatment Body Booster from Big Sexy Hair is another delicious hair treatment that will give your hair extra volume while it will appear color-protective. It will make your color super glossy and will protect against UVA / UVB rays. 

Sun Care

Most of us love being out in the summer and enjoying the sun and maybe taking a walk on the beach. But unfortunately, it's not all hair that loves the sun's bright UV rays and the saltwater of the beach.
Therefore, it is important that you use a hairpin that can protect your hair from the sun and give it a new life.
With UV Rescue Recovery Treat from Redken , you can get repaired and refreshed sunscreen and dry hair and give it new energy. The hair cure is an intense and rebuilding aftersun course that will give your hair the necessary care.
K-PAK Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk from Joico can also help your sun-dried hair or if your hair has been exposed to excessive chlorine water. The cure will restore the strength and health of the hair, and also prevents splashed tips.
The hair cure can be used in both dry and wet hair, and immediately before you go out into the sun.
Milk_Shake has their proposal for a super caring and nutritious hairy, with their Sun & More Beauty Mask . This hair treatment is especially for you whose hair needs extra attention and care after it has been exposed to sun, salt water or chlorine.
The cure protects the hair and encapsulates the moisture so your hair will not get dehydrated. The content of almond oil, rice oil cotton protein and vitamin E, work together to make your hair soft and glossy.

Leave-in Conditioner

If you have a bit of trouble in the bath, but still want to give your hair extra care, you can choose a leave-in hairpowder that does not need to be flushed out. The products are available in both creme and spray.
Nurishing Living Enzyme Infusion from Davine's Natural Tech Series is a bid for a leave-in cure that is best for dry and broken hair. The cure will care and seal the hair while rebuilding and protecting the hair from UV rays.
Hair Strengthener Daily Leave-In Treatment by Mane 'n Tail is a hairpin that contains heat-protective ingredients that give your hair maximum protection by using a hairdryer, smooth or curling iron. The cure is based on a mild and non-alcoholic formula, so it is good for everyday use. It is particularly good for fragile hair and will make it soft and delicious without feeling heavy. 

Organic and paraben free

If you want to help protect the environment while being good at your body, organic and paraben-free hair curtains are just for you. Your hair is nurtured in a natural way and you can have a good conscience using the product.
Nourishing Moisture Masque from Macadamia is a good choice if you want a hairpin without sulphates, parabens or gluten. The hair cure seems rebuilding and will leave your hair with renewed strength and lots of life. It will reduce frizz and mug thanks to its form with Macadamia and Argan oil. This hair cure will also make your hair more noticeable and easier to read through.
Olive Treatment Paste from Chi Organics is another paraben free hard, which has certified organic essential oils, natural oils and a special complex of extracts that will help treat and rebuild dry, damaged or dyed hair. With this hairy hair your hair will feel soft and have a nice shine.

Scalp Problems

If you suffer from scalp problems, such as dandruff, itching or irritated scalp, there is also a hair cure that can help you get your scalp back on track.
Bio Botanical Vital Cure from System 4 is a hard cure that will give moisture and nutrition to the scalp. Combining this cure with a scalp massage will improve your hair growth, thereby reducing the risk of early hair loss.
The cure calms your scalp and will leave it with a beautiful shine.
Deep Scalp Purifying Serum from John Masters Organics will treat and soothe your irritated or delicate scalp while removing excess fat and oil in your hair and scalp.
It will help balance your scalp again and prevent the formation of dandruff. After using this hairy hair, blood circulation in your scalp will be improved, which will result in a stronger and healthier hair.
With their Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment, Paul Mitchell has a hard hair that will strengthen and give moisture to both the hair and scalp. With soy protein, panthenol, vitamin E and shea butter, it helps with rebuilding, repairing and protecting your hair. The hair cure will revitalize your hair and soothe your scalp.

Special hair treatment

If you feel that your hair needs an extra boost in everyday life, a special treatment with ampoules, usually available from the hairdresser, will give you just what you need.
Wella SP Hydrate Infusions will help moisturize your hair and make it extremely soft. The cure will protect the hair from drying out.
Scalpsync Aminexil Hair Treatment from the Matrix Biolage Series is a nutritious hair treatment that gives your hair extra energy and will reduce hair loss. The cure will stimulate your scalp so it feels fresh and will give it a good chance of breathing. 

Hair Loss

If you suffer from early hair loss or if you feel that your hair has become thinner, there is a hard hair especially for you. They will rebuild and promote new hair growth.
Energen Serum Hair Vitality 3 from Bio + is a hairpin that protects and nourishes the scalp while promoting new hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp's outer layer.
The cure contains biotin and horse chestnut extract, which has a resuscitating effect on blood circulation.
Capixyl Intensive Treatment 5% from Nashi Argan is a professional treatment that stimulates and revitalizes on your scalp.In use, the product will quickly absorb and will not leave any residues which can subsequently affect your haircut.  The hair cure is with capixyl 5%, phytostaminals and organic Argan oil. 
Another good treatment for hair loss is Anti-Hairloss Concentrate Treatment from INTRAGEN .It is easy to spread in the scalp with its practical applicator. The cure contains multifunctional ingredients that enhance the tightness and structure of the hair.
In addition, it will restore moisture balance and studies have shown that treatment with this hairpin can reduce hair loss after only four months. 

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