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Here at we have lots of products that are specially developed for children. The big question many ask is how often should my child take a bath?

There is no exact rule for how often your child should take a bath, and the recommendations are different depending on the child's age.

Baby to nursery children

You should not bathe your completely newborn baby, as babies in the first days have a layer of fetal fat that the baby's skin must absorb. It typically takes 2-5 days. When the baby is no longer protected by fetal fat, it is appropriate to take a bath once or twice a week. If you find it necessary, you can easily bathe your child several times.

As the child gets a little older, it often becomes necessary to have a little more, because the child plays or eats himself, and thus can get dirty. Here it is recommended two to three times a week.

When bathing your child, it is important that you use products that are especially suitable for children. You can often make do with water for the very young children, but children, like adults, have different skin types. Therefore, your child may need a little bath oil or soap in the water, while others may do without both and settle for water. If your child has a lot of hair at an early age, wash it with a little shampoo once in a while.

Kindergarten age to school children

In kindergarten and school age, you can easily continue to bathe your child two to three times a week, perhaps more if you find it necessary because the child has become extra dirty or the like. In kindergarten, most children have enough hair that it should be washed with shampoo every time they are in the shower. In addition, the child should begin to learn to wash himself, and it is important to guide the child in washing the whole body, from head to toe. Especially behind the ears, under the arms, navel, buttocks, legs and toes are important. They should also learn to maintain hygiene after toilet visits and before and after meals, by washing hands.

Only in puberty does it start to be recommended to bathe daily, and emphasize to the young that it is important to wash the whole body thoroughly.

What children's products can you get at

We have a large selection of products developed specifically for children, including shampoos, conditioners, oils, products to make bathing time better in general and much more.

Original Sprout

Original Sprout specializes in making bath products for children, and from our customers we hear that they are absolutely fantastic. Therefore, we would like to highlight these products if you should be in doubt about what to buy, to make your child's bathing time extra comfortable.

Original Sprout was originally started by a mother of a child with eczema. The products are natural and gentle, and do not contain parabens or sulphate. The products are perfect for dry or sensitive skin and eczema.

Click here to see more about Original Sprout on


Many children are not very happy about being in the city. If your child is like that, then Mini-U has the help.

Mini-U makes products for children's bath time, which strives to make it more fun for the child to be in the bath. They have different colored "Bath bombs" which color the water, and "Bath Paint" which the child can draw in the water with. In addition, you can get "Lovely Bubbly" which makes a lot of bubbles. Mini-Us products do not contain parabens, sulphates and sodium, as it is important that the products do not have a negative effect on the baby's body.

Click here to see more about Mini-U at

If you are still in doubt about which products are best for your child, then you are welcome to contact us by either email or phone.

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