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Hair Styling

Discover the "styling world" where there are no restrictions. Style your hair to your needs and find the perfect product here.

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2758 Items

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How can I style my hair?

Today, there are tremendous possibilities for styling hair. You can use hair spray, wax, salt water spray, jelly, dry shampoo and more. On this page you can read a little more about the many different styling products you can buy at

Click the headlines to see the list of products in the category.


On this page you can find our huge selection of hairsprays. The purpose of hair spray is to lock your hair in a particular haircut. You can get hairspray in different strengths, from "light hold", where the hair is still moving and can style continuously, to "extra strong hold" where the hair is completely attached where it is.

Hair foam and mousse

Hair foam and mousse are wiped into the hair. This gives your hair more texture, hold and fill, or emphasize your curls. In this category you will find our large selection of skim and mousse from different brands.


In this category you can find our wide selection of gel. The gel is truly back in the styling world, and can be used both as a styling product and as a finishing finish product. You can get gel in both solid and liquid purposes, and for all hair types and purposes, so you can find the one that suits you best.

Smoothing Cream

The products in this category are for you who have frizzy hair that starts to curl quickly. You can find various smooth creams that make it easier for you to smooth your hair and make it styled as you wish. Smooth cream makes your hair smooth and silky while it is being nourished.

Hair oil and serum

If you have dry hair, it can often lead to split ends. Hair oil and serum are your rescue as they maintain your hair without dry and broken ends.

Sea salt spray

In this category you will find our wide range of Sea salt spray. These styling products are used to give your hair a beach look, as if you had been lying on the beach all day long. The products typically have different effects, depending on whether you air drying or blow drying your hair after use, and some come with UV filters to protect your hair. You can read more on the individual products and find the one that suits you best.


Here you will find our huge selection of waxes. You use wax as a finish product to style your hair and shape your haircut. We have waxes of different shapes, with different qualities including food, shiny, soft, hair and spray so you can guarantee the one that suits your hair best.

Heat protection

These products protect your hair from styling tools, such as hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, etc.

Hair powder

Here you will find hair dust or hairpowder that will give your hair sustained volume without having to tease and destroy your hair.

Dry shampoo

These products are perfect for those who are busy in the morning, or need to refresh their hair in the middle of the day. Dry shampoo cleans your hair quickly and lovingly.

Spray wax

Spray wax is an alternative to traditional wax. Spray wax allows you to spread the hair evenly in your hair without getting greasy fingers and it is perfect for long hair.

Styling cream

Here you will find our wide range of styling creams. These allow you to put your hair exactly as you wish. Styling Cream is flexible and easy to process, and it allows you to create many different hairstyles.


Like your skin, your hair needs extra attention and protection during the summer months. Sun and salt water are harmful to the hair and dry the ends. These products are your rescue as they protect against damage. The products contain UV filters, which is the important ingredient for protection from the suns rays.

Organic and paraben free

These products are for you who do not compromise on nature. Here you will find styling products that are both organic and paraben free, so you can style your hair with natural ingredients.

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