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  1. Philip B Lavender Hair & Body Shampoo (U)


    Your Price £47.50 RRP £121.95
  2. Philip B Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing Shampoo (U)


    Your Price £8.50 RRP £13.50
  3. Philip B Nordic Wood Hair + Body Shampoo (U)


    Your Price £34.00 RRP £41.50
  4. Philip B Scent of Santa Fe Balancing Shampoo (U)


    Your Price £41.50 RRP £47.50
  5. Loreal Vitamino Color AOX Shampoo (UU)


    Your Price £23.00 RRP £68.25
  6. Revlon Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Hair Cleanser


    Your Price £23.00 RRP £25.75
  7. Revlon Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Hair Cleanser


    Your Price £12.25 RRP £20.75
  8. Revlon Purity Purifying Hair Cleanser


    Your Price £12.25 RRP £20.75
  9. Revlon Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser


    Your Price £12.25 RRP £20.75
  10. Loreal Solar Sublime Shampoo


    Your Price £9.75 RRP £18.25
  11. Loreal Vitamino Color Resveratrol Shampoo


    Your Price £10.95 RRP £18.25
  12. BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Shampoo (U)


    Your Price £8.50 RRP £16.95
  13. Loreal Silver Magnesium Shampoo


    Your Price £15.75 RRP £30.50
  14. Milk Shake Integrity Nourishing Shampoo


    Your Price £14.50 RRP £20.75
  15. Davines Alchemic Shampoo Copper


    Your Price £20.75 RRP £26.25
  16. Keune Care Silver Savior Shampoo


    Your Price £16.95 RRP £19.50
  17. Keune Care Keratin Smooth Shampoo


    Your Price £16.95 RRP £19.50
  18. Keune So Pure Moisturizing Shampoo


    Your Price £16.95 RRP £19.50
  19. Label M. Treatment Shampoo Toni & Guy (UU)


    Your Price £4.75 RRP £21.95
  20. Toni & Guy Illuminate Blonde Shampoo


    Your Price £4.75 RRP £7.50
  21. Goldwell Revitalize Exfoliating Pre-Wash


    Your Price £22.75 RRP £32.50
  22. Goldwell Revitalize Detoxifying Shampoo
    Your Price £23.95 RRP £25.75
  23. Goldwell Revitalize Nourishing Shampoo


    Your Price £20.75 RRP £25.75
  24. Milk Shake K-Respect Smoothing Shampoo


    Your Price £20.75 RRP £24.50
  25. Milk Shake K-Respect Smoothing Conditioner
    Your Price £21.95 RRP £24.50
  26. Milk Shake Moisture Plus Shampoo


    Your Price £14.50 RRP £19.50
  27. Milk Shake Volume Solution Shampoo


    Your Price £34.75 RRP £67.95
  28. Milk Shake Curl Passion Shampoo


    Your Price £35.25 RRP £63.50

2301 Items

per page

What is shampoo really?

Shampoo is today a general word used for liquid soap for hair washing. Shampoo is also available in other forms than liquid, but it is most common to see shampoo in liquid form.
The word shampoo dates back to the 1700s in India, but historians of shampoo have been used for hair washing even further back in time. In Europe, you can find traces of printed shampoo and other toiletries from the early 1900s, such as from England, where hair stylists cooked soap in water and added herbs to give the hair shine and scent.

Today, shampoo is one of the primary products for many major brands, such as L'Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Redken, TIGI and many others. There are enormously many types of shampoo, all of which have different benefits based on your hairs thickness, color, health, and many other factors.

Here at, we sell a huge selection of shampoo from many famous brands, as well as many more, so we can almost guarantee that you can find your existing favorite, or maybe a new favorite shampoo among our range. In the following sections on this page, you will see a review of the different types of shampoo we have, and from there you can click all the way and read more about the individual products and their specific benefits.

What types of shampoo can you buy at

At Beautycos we have a wide selection of shampoos that suit many different types of hair.

For example, you can have shampoo for blonde and gray hair, oily hair, hair loss shampoo and much more. On this page you can see a detailed description of our selection of shampoos, and then click on and read more about each product at

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