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Here is a shampoo to suit all tastes! See our large selection and find your favourite shampoo.

Best shampoo

At BEAUTYCOS, we offer the best shampoo from professional shampoo brands, because only the best shampoo is good for your hair. At the same time, we would like to offer cheap shampoo because we know that many other things you would like to spend your money on. When we offer cheap hair shampoo, it does not mean that we have compromised quality. We are honored that you can get the best shampoo tailored to your hair and habits, so you can have a healthy and beautiful hair.

Professional shampoo brands

We offer professional shampoo brands because only the best shampoo is good enough for you. At BEAUTYCOS, we sell cheap hair shampoo for thin, thick, curly, blonde and several other hair types. In addition, we also carry a wide range of professional shampoo brands that actively go in and ward off your scalp so as to avoid dandruff and itchiness, which is a symptom that your scalp needs extra care in the shape of a good shampoo. Similarly, we have a large selection of special shampoos, if you have allergies or anything else that makes your hair extra attention. No matter what your need is, we have the right shampoo for your hair.

Below the different categories, you can see which one fits you best. Our wide selection makes sure there is something for everyone. It is very individual how often you wash your hair, but we always recommend that you wait as long as your hair and scalp allow it.

It's nice to have a clean scalp and a clean hair, but washing your hair is slipping more on your hair than you just think. It's not so much to wash the hair by itself that slides on it, but more treatment afterwards. A wet hairline is more fragile than a dry one, so you should consider how to treat your hair after washing.

We always recommend using a suitable conditioner for your hair type. When using a conditioner, you close the hair cuticle, and you will find that the hair becomes more soft, clear and easy. If you have thin hair, we recommend a lightweight conditioner or a volume of conditioner that does not weight the hair.

When the hair needs to be styled after washing, it is important to use some heat-resistant so that the hair is protected from hot styling tools such as hair dryers, smooth and curling iron.

When looking for a new shampoo, you can consider several things;

  1. What type of hair you have
  2. What do you want the shampoo to do for you.
  3. What problems do you want to remedy.
  4. What ingredients do you want in your product. Do you want a paraben, perfume free shampoo? Or are you allergic to some specific ingredients?

If you still find it difficult to find out which shampoo you should have, feel free to contact our customer service.

Sulphate free shampoo

If you have dry or frizzy hair or sensitive scalp, you should consider sulphate free shampoo. Sulphates can be harsh cleansers and give you itching scalp. If you have colour-treated hair, the colour will last longer without using sulphates in it. 

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    • Shampoo & Conditioner 3839 items
      • Shampoo 2212 items
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  1. Agadir 7 items
  2. Ahava 1 item
  3. Alfaparf 5 items
  4. Alterna 25 items
  5. American Crew 17 items
  6. Amika 19 items
  7. Arganmer 5 items
  8. Aussie 15 items
  9. Australian Bodycare 10 items
  10. Aveda 38 items
  11. Babor 1 item
  12. Balmain 2 items
  13. Barburys 5 items
  14. Batiste 21 items
  15. Bertie & Belle 1 item
  16. Biosilk 14 items
  17. Björk 4 items
  18. Boucleme 7 items
  19. Bumble & Bumble 30 items
  20. Caudalie 1 item
  21. Chi 8 items
  22. Color Wow 1 item
  23. Conceived By Nature 3 items
  24. Cosmos Co 1 item
  25. Cutrin 10 items
  26. D:Fi 4 items
  27. David Beckham 2 items
  28. Davidoff 1 item
  29. Davines 89 items
  30. Depot 12 items
  31. Dove 1 item
  32. Echosline 11 items
  33. Ecooking 1 item
  34. Epiic Hair Care 4 items
  35. EVO 6 items
  36. Evolve 2 items
  37. Fanola 19 items
  38. Four Reasons 2 items
  39. Fudge 33 items
  40. FVS - Frisørens Vital System 2 items
  41. Glynt 24 items
  42. Gold 11 items
  43. Goldwell 50 items
  44. Graham Hill 4 items
  45. Grazette 21 items
  46. Hair Doctor 11 items
  47. Hairbell 1 item
  48. Hairmaker 1 item
  49. Head & Shoulders 3 items
  50. Id Hair 40 items
  51. Innersense 9 items
  52. Intragen 5 items
  53. John Masters 21 items
  54. Johnsons 1 item
  55. Joico 40 items
  56. Kerastase 85 items
  57. Keune 26 items
  58. Klorane 1 item
  59. KMS California 19 items
  60. La Biosthetique 19 items
  61. Label.m 58 items
  62. Lanza 5 items
  63. Lernberger Stafsing 6 items
  64. Less is More 10 items
  65. Living Proof 16 items
  66. Loreal 102 items
  67. Macadamia 12 items
  68. Mane N Tail 9 items
  69. Maria Nila 25 items
  70. Matrix 75 items
  71. Meraki 1 item
  72. Milk & Co 2 items
  73. Milk_Shake 44 items
  74. Montibello 2 items
  75. Moroccanoil 23 items
  76. Mum And Me 1 item
  77. My.Organics 40 items
  78. Nak 46 items
  79. Nashi Argan 10 items
  80. Neccin 8 items
  81. Nioxin 30 items
  82. No Inhibition 3 items
  83. NUXE 2 items
  84. O&M Original Mineral 5 items
  85. Olaplex 1 item
  86. Organic Pure Care 7 items
  87. Oribe 19 items
  88. Original Sprout 8 items
  89. Orofluido 5 items
  90. Osmo 13 items
  91. Oway 30 items
  92. Paul Mitchell 57 items
  93. Philip B 26 items
  94. Philosophy 5 items
  95. Playboy 7 items
  96. Pureology 18 items
  97. Purepact-Purerené 10 items
  98. Rahua 8 items
  99. Redken 84 items
  100. Ref 16 items
  101. Reuzel 6 items
  102. Revitalash 1 item
  103. Revlon 32 items
  104. Rituals 2 items
  105. Sachajuan 6 items
  106. Schwarzkopf 110 items
  107. Sebastian 24 items
  108. Sexy Hair 32 items
  109. Shu Uemura 23 items
  110. Sim Sensitive System 4 12 items
  111. Simply Zen 24 items
  112. Sol De Janeiro 3 items
  113. T-Lab 17 items
  114. The Organic Pharmacy 3 items
  115. Tigi 81 items
  116. Toni & Guy 13 items
  117. Top Shelf 4 For Men 1 item
  118. Trevor Sorbie 9 items
  119. Tribella 1 item
  120. Trontveit 15 items
  121. Uniq One 5 items
  122. Unite 20 items
  123. Waterclouds 24 items
  124. Wella 66 items
  125. Yummi Haircare 1 item

2212 Items

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What is shampoo really?

Shampoo is today a general word used for liquid soap for hair washing. Shampoo is also available in other forms than liquid, but it is most common to see shampoo in liquid form.
The word shampoo dates back to the 1700s in India, but historians of shampoo have been used for hair washing even further back in time. In Europe, you can find traces of printed shampoo and other toiletries from the early 1900s, such as from England, where hair stylists cooked soap in water and added herbs to give the hair shine and scent.

Today, shampoo is one of the primary products for many major brands, such as L'Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Redken, TIGI and many others. There are enormously many types of shampoo, all of which have different benefits based on your hairs thickness, color, health, and many other factors.

Here at, we sell a huge selection of shampoo from many famous brands, as well as many more, so we can almost guarantee that you can find your existing favorite, or maybe a new favorite shampoo among our range. In the following sections on this page, you will see a review of the different types of shampoo we have, and from there you can click all the way and read more about the individual products and their specific benefits.

What types of shampoo can you buy at

At Beautycos we have a wide selection of shampoos that suit many different types of hair.

For example, you can have shampoo for blonde and gray hair, oily hair, hair loss shampoo and much more. On this page you can see a detailed description of our selection of shampoos, and then click on and read more about each product at

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