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Silver Shampoo

What is silver shampoo?

Purple, violet, gray, silver, silver, dark blue, blue and blonde shampoo, dear children have many names, but common to all of them is that they are super good for you who want a cold blow in the blonde or gray hair.

The product has a very strong blue / violet color as it contains blue violet coloring pigments.

The pigments in the product appear neutralizing on yellowish and golden shades and leave the hair with a nice cold tone.

How does silver shampoo work?

You use the product exactly the same as you would use a regular shampoo during hair wash.

However, you should be aware of distributing the product throughout your hair so that you are guaranteed a consistent result.

Let the product have a working time depending on how intense a result you want. Should it be very cold and you are not afraid that the product may pull a little blue up, you may allow it to work for a long time before it is washed out. But try it out and start with a few minutes the first time you use the product so you will not be surprised at the result.

Always read the application section on the individual product, as the working time and the method of application may vary with the different manufacturers.

Like all other products, it is important to choose a shampoo that fits your hair type. If you have a broken hair, choose a product with additional nutritional ingredients and amino acids.

See our great selection and good prices here.

Remember that all use of silver shampoo is at your own risk

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