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This shampoo prevents you and your child from getting lice.

Make the bath a wonderful experience with this natural shampoo for children and babies.

Prevents hair from tangling and can be rinsed out easily and quickly.

Does not contain sulfate and is gentle on the eyes. Contains moisturizing herbs and nourishing, emollient ingredients. Leaves hair healthy, shiny and well cared for.

Can be used for all hair types and for babies, children and adults.

With natural and organic ingredients

- Without fruit extracts and honey

- No citrus oils (photosensitizing substances)

- No hormone-disrupting substances

- Moisturizes the hair and prevents it from tangling

- Prevents frizz in humid weather

- Gentle on the eyes

- Ph balanced

- Easy to rinse out

- Beautiful fragrance, which comes from natural extracts.

Additional benefits:

Contains documented organic rosemary, sage, basil and chamomile flower, which can help keep lice and insects away.


Wet the hair. Apply shampoo, lather and rinse.

Note; May vary in design,

Our copywriters are very busy at the moment. So, they received a little help from our friendly Beauty-Roboto, who did his best to translate this text, but he apologizes if there are any mistakes
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