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Frequently asked questions:

Do you have any questions? Then first look here, before calling Customer Service.

Are the products at your site genuine?

We are only selling 100% original and genuine products at our site. You can therefore shop safely with us.

Do I bind to a subscription when I trade with you?

You do not bind for any subscription when you shop with us. Here you only pay for the items you buy and no subscription in addition.

What means (U) & (N)?

This we write behind the product name of some products. This is mainly for internal use. (U) stands for discontinued design and (N) stands for new design.

I have not received a order confirmation, what do I do?

If you haven't received any order confirmation, then you can try check your "unwanted mails" or "spam mails" Should the order confirmation be here, then you can move it to your inbox so your mail can see that it is ok to receive emails from BEAUTYCOS. If the order confirmation isn't here, then you maybe have written a wrong email. In this case you can always contact our customer service at, please inform your whole name and telephone number, so we can find you in the system.

Trace your package:

You can always see your order status by signing into your account, or you can enter your tracking number in the field below.


We are honored to have happy and satisfied customers. As an internet customer, you can first assess your purchase when you are holding the items in your hand, so you always have 14 days full return, but it requires the items to be returned in unused condition and unbroken packaging and must be in such a condition that we can easily sell the item again as new. We will ask you not to open, print or manipulate the items if you wish to return them as this can be seen / traced on most products. If so, the goods will be rejected at the buyer's expense.
Step 1: Create and pay for return label
With a timely return (within 14 days), you can always go in and buy a return label yourself. Go to Royal Mail and choose the correct size and weight for your return package. Return labels cost from £ 3.19.

Return address:

Blue Water Shipping C/O BEAUTYCOS
11A Central Park
Westinghouse Road
Trafford Park
M17 1PR

UK phone number: +44 20 3318 2576

Attention – it is crucial that the return address is written exactly as above.

*It is strongly advised to get a receipt when you return the package at the post office, as this is your proof in case something happens during the transportation of your returned package*
Step 2: Print label
Print your label at home or use your QR code to print it at a Royal Mail Delivery Office or Parcelshop - Post Office
Step 3: Properly pack the products
Put the properly wrapped items in the package and close it thoroughly. If the product has been delivered in a special packaging by the manufacturer (e.g. a perfume), the original packaging must be included in the return shipment. Then put the return label on the package.

Place a paper inside the package with your order number and any comment about the reason to the return if you haven’t been in contact with us regarding this return.
Step 4: Properly pack the products
Choose from thousands of drop off locations or use Royal Mails’ free Parcel Collect service
Step 5: Refund
You will automatically receive a confirmation per. E-mail when we register your return. It takes 7-14 business days. Then we refund the purchase amount to the form of payment used.

If you have obtained free shipping on your order and subsequently return parts of your order so that the total amount is lower than the free shipping limit, the previously obtained discount on the shipping costs will be offset against your return.

If you receive a quantity discount during the purchase and return some of the products included in the quantity discount, the previously obtained quantity discount will be deducted from your return.


You always have 14 days full return; however, it requires the items to be returned in unused condition and unbroken packaging and must be in such a condition that we can sell the item without delay as new. We will ask you not to open, print or manipulate the items if you wish to return them as this can be seen / traced on most products. If so, the items will be rejected at the buyer's expense.

When you need to return something, you should always contact us per. mail so we can process your return package correctly. Your return package must always be packed properly so that the product is well protected during shipment. You are responsible for the package / goods until we receive it. If you have regretted your purchase or need to have your item swapped, you have to pay for shipping costs. A return label cost from £ 3.19 depending on the size. We refer to Royal Mail to see sizes and prices. Here you can also find information about sending restrictions and their Terms and Conditions. The package will get returned to the sender at a fee if the wrong size and weight is chosen. If you have established a claim that is approved, then the return label cost will be refunded by BEAUTYCOS.

If your package is not collected within the deadline your package will be returned to us – The receiver will be fully accountable for the shipping fee to the recipient and also return shipping to BEAUTYCOS.

If you have typed an incorrect address on your package, you will be accountable for the return shipping to BEAUTYCOS, as well as the shipping fee for any new shipment again. We do not receive items per. request or sent without redeployment so we have to pick up at the post office.


The right of claim is valid for 24 months. It only requires that you advertise within a reasonable period of time, which is within 2 months after the error has been identified.

Complains - The product does not meet my requirements: If you receive an intact product that does not meet your expectations after using it, we can't refund you your product. This is due to hygiene considerations and that it is not possible to resell the product to 3rd party.

BEAUTYCOS cannot guarantee the effects or results of various products, as all hair is different with different needs and can react in different ways. If you ordered a product specifically for hair renewal, no warranty is given. Hair loss can be due to many things and is incredibly individual from person to person. Note that genetic hair loss cannot be changed. In certain cases, we may refer to the manufacturer's contact information if you have not achieved the desired result. All our descriptions on the products are indicative and are provided by manufacturers. BEAUTYCOS does not guarantee the effect.

Claims - My product is defective: If you buy a ghd iron, you have 2 years of warranty on your styling item bought at BEAUTYCOS web shop. Do not remove the hologram from the iron wire as this is your guarantee-proof. Removing this will void the warranty. Upon return due to claim, always contact our customer service so that they can help you the best possible way. A return label cost from £ 3.19 and is paid by BEAUTYCOS if the claim is accepted. If the claim is rejected, the customer must pay the freight back and forth to BEAUTYCOS. If a package is returned with a different post label than the one provided by BEAUTYCOS, the return shipment will not be covered by BEAUTYCOS.

If we find that there is no error or defect in the product, the claim will be rejected. We may charge an amount of up to £ 30 for examination of the item. BEAUTYCOS will not be able to replace the product if the product is not packed in a responsible manner.

Are you allergic?
If there are any ingredients or anything else you know you are allergic to, you are always welcome to contact us to get a view of the ingredient list on our products.

Contact information:

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