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See our wide range of epilators that can be used for the face, intimate and bikini line.

A must-have for the self-conscious woman who wants to do her best all the time.

With an epilator you get a smooth feeling for a long time. Can be used in the face if you want to remove the small facial hair on the upper lip or elsewhere.

Can also be used intimate if you want a completely smooth bikini line.

What is an epilator and what is the benefit of using it?

An epilator is an electric machine that has a lot of small tweezers that pull out the hairs.

There are many advantages to epilating instead of shaving the skin. The machine pulls out the hair instead of cutting it off. This gives you a long lasting result and ensures that your skin stays smooth for a long time.

It is different from person to person how often you want to remove your hair as there is obviously a difference in how fast your hair grows.

It's a pity to say that an epilation is completely painless, and that's why it's something to get used to.

The advantage of epilating often is that the skin gets used to it faster, and eventually an epilation will cause less pain than when you started using the product.

An epilator is also called Ladyshaver, and can be used on most skin types.

Most often, it is less painful to use an epilator than to make a wax treatment and the result is very similar.

If you do the treatment at home, it's also easier to epilate your skin than to do a wax treatment.

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