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Curled eyelashes

In order to get curled lashes, we always recommend that you use a eyelash curler before applying mascara. It gives the eye a wakey look, and your lashes will seem longer.

When using a eyelash curler, you can end up with a waterproof mascara, which means that the lashes do not align themselves, as the content of wax is higher in a waterproof than in a regular.

If you curl the lashes, you should do it on clean eyelashes, do it three times; first in the corner of the eye, then at the center and finally at the edge. That way you get all your hair. Be careful not to squeeze too hard and make sure you do not get the skin from your eyelid.

Many women feel more attractive with the right makeup. You do not have to worry much about it, if you find it right for you, you can do a little bit and get a natural and beautiful look.


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