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How to dye your beard?

It is a growing trend to have a nice and well-groomed beard with a nice colour. Learn more about how you can dye it yourself at home in 15 minutes.

About RefectoCil

The best tint I have worked with is RefectoCil. It can be used for beards, eyebrows and lashes. It is always RefectoCil I recommend as I find it easy and efficient to work with. The result lasts for 6 weeks if you follow the instructions, depending on how fast the hair grow out.

Do you think natural brown is too dark and light brown is too light? Mix the two tints for the perfect result! You can get RefectoCil tints in 9 different shades. Get blonde, red, brown to black, so there will always be one matching perfectly for you. RefectoCil tints can be mixed to achieve the perfect colour for you.

Refectocil tint

Before you start dyeing your beard

Here’s what you need to achieve the best results:
• RefectoCil tint, f.x. natural brown no.3
• RefectoCil Oxydant 3% liquid or cream
• Small bowl for mixing
• Small brush
• Cotton pads for removing
• Evt. gloves
Remember to clean your beard before you dye it.
For every 2 cm of tint you use, you need 10 drops of Oxidant 3% liquid OR 15 drops of the Oxidant cream.

The mixing stick follows with every tint you buy.

The tint must be mixed thoroughly. Stir around so there are no lumps in and the consistency should be creamy.
Apply the beard dye with a brush and let it work for up to 10 minutes. The longer you let the color work, the darker it will get.
Distribute the tint in the desired shape. Be aware that the colour can settle on the skin, therefore it is important that you apply the color to the shape of the hair immediately. Clean the beard dye with cotton pads and rinse with water.

I would recommend to buy this RefectoCil glass and brushes as you see to the right. It can be used for all tint treatments, but remember to clean it after use, then you can use it again and again. For this beard, a brush has been used to distribute the tint.
If your beard is thick or long i recommend to use a comb.

If you want to shave your beard or cut it, we have razors and straight razors/knives. Finish with a beard oil, serum or balm. See our large selection of beard care here.

RefectoCil brushes
RefectoCil glass

Below you see the final result with brown RefectoCil tint.