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All sanitary towels from Always are different and adapted to every woman's need for protection during menstruation.

All women are different and also have different needs. With these sanitary towels and pads, you have the opportunity to find the ones that best suit you and your cycle.

Always pads and panty liners have a fantastic absorbency which keeps you fresh all day.

In our range you can find sanitary towels without and with wings. The same for everyone is that you can always buy them on offer from us, no matter which model you buy.

There are many different ways to maintain your hygiene during menstruation, the most popular and preferred protection to this day is still the menstrual pad, although many other alternatives have emerged.

The pads are made with different absorbency depending on what bleeding you have. When looking for which ones are best for you, look at the drops listed on the package, the more drops listed the greater the absorbency of the bandage.

Many people also use tampons these days, but certainly not everyone likes this. With a pad from Always you are guaranteed a good and dry protection. Many people use tampons first in their menstrual cycle, as the bleeding is greatest to begin with, then they stop using bandages when the bleeding has gradually begun to subside.

Of course it differs from person to person what one prefers to do these days, but one thing is for sure, if you need some cheap Always sanitary towels you can always find them here at BEAUTYCOS.

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